All about Forestry Safety in WA Training

Tree Felling Courses WA

Safety at the workplace is very important, especially in the case of people who work at forest sites. Safety training is provided by highly experienced people to:


  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents related to loggings etc
  • Improve professionalism
  • Boost productivity
  • Make you more aware of the principles and practices of being environmentally sound


The focus of this training is not limited to the forestry sector. Entities that provide this training prepare candidates for a wide range of workplaces such as utility companies, highway departments, municipalities, correctional facilities etc. Forestry safety in WA training is imparted according to the industry standards and best practices in place there. A separate training is provided exclusively for fighting a forest fire.


Employers who hire forestry professionals are legally obliged to –


  • Make the workplace completely safe by eliminating or controlling health risks
  • Ensure that along with the workers, the plants and machinery are also safe
  • Ensure that safety practices are imparted at the workplace
  • Ensure that substances and items are safely moved, safely stored and safely used
  • Provide sufficient facilities for welfare
  • Provide the information, training, instruction and overseeing required for optimum health and safety at the workplace
  • Offer consultation to the workers on issues relating to health and safety


Chainsaw courses WA are imparted to make users aware of the ways to use a chainsaw safely. These courses train you to:


  • Using a chainsaw regularly as well as occasionally
  • Use the chainsaw skills to expand your business
  • Make use of the knowledge for other purposes than business


By law, every employer in the forestry industry has to train their employees and contractors to work absolutely safely. The training should take place during working hours and there must be no payments made for the same by the employees. Employers must maintain records of all the training sessions for future reference and re-training (if needed).


Workers should be consulted by employers or their representatives to ensure that the training remains effective and relevant at all times. Duties and responsibilities should be clearly defined for each employee. After the training for forestry safety WA in WA takes place, employers must assess the knowledge of each employee through tests of:


  • Hazards they will face at the workplace
  • How they should deal with those hazards
  • Emergency procedures


Risk assessments and a health & safety manuals should be created by the employers and distributed throughout their workforce. For each task carried out by the employees, employers must mention the risks associated and the techniques to complete that task in the safest and most efficient manner.


Any on-the-job injuries must be reported immediately and action must be taken to ensure no repetition of the same. Employees must be trained on how to report injuries and mishaps on the job. ‘Safety first’ should be the approach for employers. The well-being of employees must be their primary concern. To achieve that goal, more than just chainsaw courses in WA are required.

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