Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Web Host

On this date, there is a rapid influx of individuals and brands that are looking to create a website that presents their skills and specialties to the Internet audience. The reasons have more or less to do with their quest to create for themselves a noticeable online presence that can help them expand their business to newer avenues.
So, once they decide on a domain name and finalize a CMS for their website, it now becomes a matter of choosing a web host that can help them run their website and ensure there are no glitches

The Trial Period Duration

As with any other product you invest heavily in, your web hosting service provider should offer you a trial run that can give you a reasonably long time window to test your web hosting service. Unless you are going in for a highly reputed service provider that is already providing its services to big brands, it would be advisable to look for companies that offer trial periods of more than 7 days, i.e. at least a month. It is only then that you have an assurance that the web hosting company you are investing with has confidence in its services while it appeals you to have confidence in them. While there are a number of companies that offer you a trial period of 30 days, there are a few which go as far as 90 days too.

What is their Refund Policy

You obviously won’t want the things to come down to this, but it is only recommended that you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. If after only a few weeks the service starts to wear off and you start experiencing too many downtimes and website crashes, you would want to cancel the services right there and then. But before you do that, you should have a clear idea how they refund, and if there is any reasonable recoverable cost. You instead should get all this information before signing up with them.

Do They Force You to Advertise

There is no dearth of web hosting service providers who would impose some heavy and at times unresponsive ads on your site in order to earn some extra bucks. Also, those pop ups can really irritate your visitors and can obviously lead to a heavy bounce rate of the website. It also gives your website a spammy vibe, which is not good for its reputation.

How Much Web Space they Offer

It is obviously a serious consideration. If you find that your hosting service provider isn’t offering you a great deal in terms of the price it charges for the space it is offering, it is a good enough reason to look for some other service provider. You have to find the service provider that not only offers good quality hosting in terms of website’s uptime, but it also offers the services in affordable prices and with reasonable options.

Do they Serve Websites with Blacklisted IPs?

When your hosting provider is serving certain websites with blacklisted IP addresses, there is every chance that your website will have to bear the brunt of it because Google can penalize all the websites on servers as and when it takes any action. So, proceed with caution and definitely find out if there indeed are any blacklisted IPs in there.

Do they Offer Reliable Tech Support




Again, it is one of those factors that need consideration just about everywhere for every product. Does the service provider you have signed up with offer you tech support services you can bank upon whenever you run into trouble. More often, even the reputed service providers are offering abysmal tech support services. You call them whenever your website’s isn’t working properly, and they would give you indifferent responses that would hardly be of any help to you. Also, there is a seriously problem with their attitude which leads to them talking rudely whenever you ask them questions in bunch. So, make sure you extract all the information about them before you go ahead and invest in them.

After all, quality service will hold your website in good stead and let you achieve the goals keeping in mind which you started the website in the first place.

Peter Milar is a prolific writer, who works for Xicom Technologies Ltd. and brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around development, combining it with his creative writing skills.

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