The kind of work I do involves searching the web for reviews for plumbers so that our company can determine the best contractors in an area. The reviews are then categorized according to their positive or negative nature. This is then used to grade a plumber and recommendations for ranking created. One of the best ranking plumbing contractors is Atex Plumbing of San Antonio. Here are some of the positive reviews we could find.

Ms. Courtney

There are not enough super things to say about the firm and its technicians. Being a woman, I am not comfortable seeking to hire people to repair things I do not understand or cannot make a follow-up on the work performed. Therefore, I put blind faith upon Davis, the technician sent by the company, and he has yet to disappoint me. I have yet to have a problem with the work he does for me and I am comfortable with the company’s pricing so far.

Instances that show Davis and the contracting company’s work ethic include one severe cold period in late February when I was woken up by a very cold home. I called Davis and within a few hours, he was climbing up into our attic. He detected an issue with the furnace that would have ended up being a disaster had it gone unresolved. I was so thankful for his availability.

Davis also has a rather aesthetic eye. I took a risk and asked him to pick a color (a man) for our front door because I could not make up my mind. His choice is beautiful. I have received many compliments and I couldn’t be much happier.

Mrs. P. Marshals

Davis from Atex Plumbing is a great technician and certainly a very handy-man. I have contracted several people in the past to fix problems around our home but we have yet to be one hundred percent satisfied. Davis has always done a fantastic job. We are so grateful to Atex for introducing us to such a wonderful handyman. We intend to use him for as long as our home has issues to be worked on.

He has a sweet and great personality and always in a good mood. My husband and I trust him enough to leave him alone tinkering if I get to run errands.

Ms. Veronica M.

By and large, I have had a great experience with Atex Plumbing and the plumber they sent to deal with our plumbing and general repair issues. I love doing my research and homework before I seek services, so I looked them up at My determining factor from vendors costing, length of time a service will take and capability to perform.

Davis from the plumbing company caught my attention because the assignment was completed to my full satisfaction, he was prompt, and the charge was much more affordable in comparison to the other quotes I received. The company is highly recommended.

Mr. A. Joseph

As a trained civil engineer, I like to think that I know something about home repairs. Davis, the technician sent by Atex Plumbing, fulfilled my expectations. We were in agreement that my outer door did not need a complete replacement but could be repaired much more cheaply with liquid nails, wood putty and fiber-glass. He did not try to up sell me a service and the company’s costs were fair compared to the work accomplished.


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