What Are The Five New Mobile Apps In The Market?

How long has it been since you downloaded a new application in your phone? If you are on the search for a newly launched application that is interesting as well as useful, here is a short list of apps from around the world that is recently on the news:

  • Cups: Go for unlimited coffee with Cups. With the help of this application you can find out information about independent coffee shops in the US, particularly those shops that offer unlimited coffee for a monthly subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee that you need to pay is 45 or 85 pounds. It will depend on the kind of coffee you prefer. You can get coffee just by showing the code on your smartphone at the stores listed by the app. You can opt for around 22 cups per month. But if you do not take that much in one month, the app keeps the change for the next month. So in the next month you get to drink more!


  • Truth: Yes, you get it right. This app is called Truth, but was originally named Secret. It’s not the “Secret” app that you know it today. Just like the “Secret” and “Whisper”, “Truth” is the third app in the line. Truth will let you send messages across anonymously. But you can do it only to people in your contact list. Truth allows peer-to-peer messaging. So, if you are sending messages to someone using this app, you are not “SMSing”, but “Truth-ing”.

In the Canadian iOS app store, the app scored 90th position within 3 weeks of initial beta launch. Youngsters find two coolest uses of the app – one to flirt with classmates and secondly, to give honest feedback.

  • Trulia’s app: The real estate company Trulia understands the pulse of the potential customers and appeal to the real estate voyeurs who are looking for a property. The app is available in iOS and Android with gorgeous photos. With pictures, it is easy to determine whether a listing is good for you. It does not provide a text-heavy listing of real estate properties in and around you. To the users it is more like browsing a real estate magazine rather than a search engine. So, get rid of the headache of house hunting with Trulia’s new app.
  • MobiCoach: It is a mobile application that you can use to get golf coaching. By using the app you can get live coaching from real coaches anywhere in the world. The app allows real-time, video analysis and remote coaching, which can really improve your gaming skills. If you need some advice on your skills, you can put in a request through this app and get advice in as little as 15 minutes. However, lessons are not free and cost around $25 for every 15 minutes. So, with MobiCoach, you can learn golf on the move.
  • Kolibree’s electric toothbrush: Kolibree recently announced the launch of world’s first electric toothbrush. It can analyse your brushing habits and show related data on a mobile dashboard. The app will motivate or shame you to brush better.

So, nrel=’external follow’ class=’url’ow you have a list of 5 coolest new apps that you can download. Which one are you planning to install? If you are hungry for more, do check in technology news on various news websites.

Author bio: Jacika Posener is an Associate Editor and a video dictionary app enthusiast. She writes on English learning websites and ESL help.

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