After College: How to Begin a Career in the Medical Field

The medical field is a great area to find a steady job. There are so many openings and available spots you can basically choose your area to live and work. The hard part is knowing how to get into the field. You already have your education and it can be difficult sometimes to get your foot in the door.

Most people in the medical field want to hire those who already have experience in the area. What if you are just fresh out of college? How do you break into the field with your new degree? There are a few ways you can do that. Here are some tips on getting yourself out into the world and into your dream medical career you have always wanted.


Assess Your Skills

If you’re new college degree is not in the medical field, you can still get a job in the field doing something such as secretarial work, medical receptionist or filing. You need to figure out what skills you have that will help you get into the field. Maybe your degree was in the medical field already. Then you are a step above the rest and you need to follow these other tips.


Network Yourself

Networking is critical to success these days. Social media and network sites have made it easier than ever to connect with those in the field. LinkedIn is a great site to not only build yourself a profile but to apply for jobs and put yourself out there. There are some networks that are specifically for certain positions like those in the medical field. You can meet and greet those that are already in the field. Make connections with offices and professionals that can help you along the way.


Research The Trends

Staying on top of all the new industry trends is important to your success no matter what position you are in. Whether you are a nurse, doctor or medical office supervisor, you need to stay abreast of what is new and up and coming. This will help you be on the cutting edge for your new office and make you more appealing when you already know the new items. Staying on top of all the new treatments or items in your field will make you more appealing to potential employers.


Use Connections

Since you just got out of college you may have connections with your professors or teachers from school. They are great resources for hiring locations and references as they know your education background and what you can do. Put those connections to good use to help you find your new job.

Getting a career in the medical field can take some work on your part. It is very worth it if you will put your time and effort into it. This field is the only one that has been recession proof no matter what the economy is doing. Medical care is something that is always needed and you are sure to find a job in one area or the other.

About the Author

Sasha Wilson gives a few great tips on how you can land your first job in the medical field after you graduate college. Networking is extremely important in this field and you can do that by joining the MedLanding network. Put your connections to work for you and get that job you dream of!


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